Mia DelCasino Artist Statement about Photography



We are all in search of peace in some aspect of our lives. It is a universal desire that in today’s world it seems difficult for most people to find.  This series of photographs communicates the calmness and tranquility that I feel we need so desperately.

The intention of my work is to create pause…a moment of stillness where the mind stops spinning and anxiety rests just enough to fade from its sharpness and clarity.  My work is still, quiet, introspective and represents true freedom.  Each image is a meditation in which I can “hear” silence and immerse myself in its harmony.  It is a hyper-focus on a moment that made me pause…a visual that took me in, held me for a moment and then gently let me go.  

The work is intended to relieve tension and create breathing space.  Elimination of visual distractions in each image leaves a respite for the viewer to let go, find clarity or simply just surrender.  I feel that a deep breath, a moment of silence and feelings of pure serenity are gifts in life.  I hope to give viewers that visual gift.