Mia DelCasino’s images are visual moments of meditation and contemplation.  Her work represents a pause in everyday life and transcends the viewer into a place of quiet repose.  The minimalist photographs are free of distraction allowing viewers space for introspection.  Living near the ocean in Southern California has influenced her work by allowing her to bring the peace that she experiences every day into her images.  Her love for architecture, minimalism, the Japanese tradition of Wabi Sabi and monochromatic hues are also evident in her visual communication of stillness and pause.

Mia DelCasino earned her degree in art/media communications and has worked as a professional artist in the highly technical multi-media industry for over 20 years. Making photographs, drawing and writing have been essential aspects of her creative process for both her professional and personal work. She is comfortable expressing ideas in diverse mediums and loves the process of experimentation. Her images are now part of corporate and private collections in the US and abroad.